The UK’s Best Airports

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Which UK airport has the widest range of long-haul routes?

London Heathrow offers the most diverse range of long-haul destinations of any airport in the UK. With rival London airports such as Luton and Stansted taking short-haul routes away from Heathrow, the number of slots available for long-haul services will only increase.

Gatwick also has a solid portfolio of long-haul flights, but these are largely holiday destinations. There are also a number of airlines, mainly from developing countries, operating long-haul flights from Gatwick because they have been unable to secure slots at Heathrow.

Of the UK regional airports, Manchester has the best range of long-haul flights. Birmingham International, Edinburgh, Glasgow International and Newcastle have all seen notable increases in the number of long-haul routes in recent years.

Which UK airport has the widest range of European routes?

London Stansted offers flights to around 150 European destinations, more than any other airport in the UK. To put the sheer volume of European flight routes available from Stansted into perspective, London Heathrow, which is the world’s busiest international hub, only serves around 70 European destinations.

Outside of London, Manchester has the best European links of any UK regional airport. A wide of European flights are also available from Edinburgh and Glasgow International. On the other hand, Birmingham International still suffers from a lack of flights to two of Europe’s most important capitals, Berlin and Madrid.

Which UK airport has the widest range of cheap flights?

London Stansted is the undisputed king of the UK’s cheap flights airports. This is largely due to the fact that Stansted is the biggest British hub for no-frills giant Ryanair. EasyJet also has a significant presence at Stansted, alongside smaller cheap flights specialists such as Air Berlin and Germanwings. There is a phenomenal range of flights to Europe from Stansted, with around 150 destinations served.

Other UK airports with a good selection of cheap flights include London Luton, Bristol, Leeds Bradford, Liverpool, East Midlands, Edinburgh, Manchester, Newcastle and Birmingham.

Which UK airport has the widest range of holiday flights?

London Learn Academy offers more holiday flights than any other UK airport, and is likely to become even more dominant in this field if it ever gets permission to build a second runway.

East Midlands is the best served of the UK’s regional airports for holiday flights, and its central location means that it is within easy reach of most of the UK population.

Other airports with impressive numbers of holiday flights include Glasgow Prestwick, Manchester, London Luton and Birmingham International.

Which UK regional airport has the most routes?

Manchester is by far the UK’s most important regional hub. It handles well over twice as many passengers as its nearest rival, Birmingham International, and features an impressive range of flights to key European business hubs, holiday favourites and long-haul destinations. Manchester should also be congratulated for refusing to bow to the bullying tactics used by Ryanair to “encourage” airports into virtually giving away landing slots.

Which UK airport is best for public transport?

Birmingham International has to win this accolade because it is the only UK airport tapped into a mainline intercity rail network. Birmingham International can be reached in little over an hour from central London and Manchester via the WestCoast Mainline. The journey time from the airport to Birmingham New Street in the city centre is just 12 minutes.

London Heathrow is also worthy of a mention because is served both by a dedicated (if outrageously over-priced) rail link into London as well as the London Underground. If, and this is a big if, Heathrow is linked into the proposed high-speed line from London to Birmingham, then it will really start to compete with European rivals like Frankfurt International and Paris Charles de Gaulle, which are both served by high-speed intercity trains.

Which UK airport is best for business travellers?

London City, especially now the missing piece in the jigsaw – namely flights to New York – has been sorted. Business travellers don’t need fancy shops and restaurants, they want speed and efficiency. London City fits the bill, and within 30 minutes of landing you can reach both of London’s financial districts (Canary Wharf and The City).

What is the UK’s most impressive airport building?

Heathrow Terminal 5 might have endured a troubled opening, but there have never been any doubts about the magnificence of the Lord Rogers-designed building.

On a much smaller scale, Doncaster Sheffield is a fine example of the perfect kind of clean design that will lure passengers away from the congested larger hubs.

We should also give an honorable mention to St Pancras International. Ok, so the Eurostar station is obviously not an airport, but it is very much an international transport hub. Architecturally, St Pancras’s monumentally beautiful Barlow train shed is in a different league to any of the UK’s airports, indeed it wouldn’t be an overstatement to say it is the most impressive transport terminus in Europe. To think us Brits always coo about Parisian style and flair – now it is our Gallic chums looking across the Channel in awe!


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