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hey guys so like school started a week ago for me and my life is a mess ! i don’t wanna stop writing because i still get ideas and still enjoy doing it but it’s gonna be hella inconsistent when i post (if it was ever consistent in the first place). best friends with newt. Severus Snape x Hufflepuff!Reader - The new Teacher A/N: I combined two requests because these two worked out so good. Sirius Black X Reader - The Arrangement Wolfstar Young Sirius Black Sirius Black Funny Sirius Black Quotes Marauders Era Harry Potter Book 8 James Potter Harry Potter Memes Harry Potter Universal Read The Arrangement from the story Sirius Black X Reader by stein321 with 6,639 reads. Newt Scamander x m!reader “I’d marry you a thousand time everyday” • You’ve known each other for quite a long time now • You don’t remember well but probably met at 15 or so • You also quickly knew. That is, at least, until the TriWizard tournament came up and he along with all the other boys from Durmstrang had to travel all the way to Scotland to attend in such an event at Hogwarts. The pot clatters to the ground, breaking open and sending black dirt rolling across the floor. However, I'm always disappointed. This is up to date as of Tuesday December 20th. It became an essay. Thomas x Male Reader #1 “Thomas!” Newt screams, “get your ass over here now!” There’s a loud buzzing that continues to blare out through the Glade. Not that it was difficult to discern, but rather she had never seen anything quite like it. Newt Scamander. See more ideas about Hogwarts, Fantastic beasts and where and Harry potter universal. Your head was resting on his shoulder and his was leaning on yours slightly. Could you do a Jasper x reader where shes is his mate(a powerful witch and she is very calm and polite) that has the powers of Scarlet Witch and they met when the Cullens saw her hurt (with a blood stain on her dress) with her little son, Major ends up taking control and she delivers her child to. Newt X Male!Reader (Same chracter Eliot)Newt's Note: You're all getting a French lesson in this fanfic from Newtie Pie today. Hello, my name is Yin, I am a trans male that has been searching forever for male reader writers. Early Delivery-Newt Scamander x Reader Request: Newt x Reader. Newt Scamander/Original Male Character(s) Newt Scamander; Summary. Peter Parker (Tom Holland) The Grim Reaper Avenger. Slytherin pride here. Newt gets expelled X. George Weasley x Hufflepuff!Male!Reader. Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them (Newt Scamander x Reader) Chapter 1: Arriving in New York. Directed by David Yates. The adventures of writer Newt Scamander in New York's secret community of witches and wizards seventy years before Harry Potter reads his book in school. (Part Two Here) Newt x Reader. I can’t do this newt Scamander slay me!!!! Like yassss. Ciao! Sono una ragazza con una "piccola" ossessione per Harry potter. Animagi (Newt x Animagi!Reader) Request: I really love your writing and had a panic attach when I saw requests where open. Fantastic Beasts' Newt Scamander is the Most Interesting Male Fantasy Hero in a While it's nice to see more male heroes whose compassion is a defining trait. The Witch and The Major Vampire (Jasper x Scarlet Witch Reader) Originally posted by jakeblck. twenty-sixumbrellas:. I was wondering if you could write a fic with newt and an Animagus reader who. Don't Worry, Darling (Newt x Reader) Request: Can you please do one where the reader and Newt are reminiscing about your childhood just as you run into a very close, old friend of yours from Hogwarts,. Not that it was difficult to discern, but rather she had never seen anything quite like it. Anon said : reader faces off against grindlewald but grindlewald tricks the reader into joint his side by saying that he could make Newt reciprocate the reader's feelings and Newt just kinda watches in horror as the reader crosses the ring of blue fire. Tired [Newt X Reader] A/N: Hey guys,. “Newt what’s going on?”. Newt x half-mermaid!Reader :: Dark Waters. However, I'm always disappointed. (Newt Scamander x Reader) Spicy Vanilla [SMUT] Title : Spicy Vanilla (The Case's Secret Sequel) Request : Yes - by anon - OH MY GOD CAN YOU PLEASE DO A SEQUEL TO THE CASE'S SECRET?!?!?!. I know it's not MO, but I hope you. Pregnant and Overprotective beast. Draco x Reader (Show You Off) Draco x Reader (Less Than Her) Draco x Reader (Prisoner) Draco x Reader (Prisoner Pt. I like you straightforwardly, without complexities or pride; so I love you because I know no other way. ‘Could you do a newt scamander x trans male reader or non binary reader and like, its the 1920s so everyones like “”“tf bitch ur insane”“” but newt is really supportive???? please i need fluffy newt to solve my problems’. Nones povThe moon Light steamed in to. xD <<